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Terms and Conditions
  • Warranty: This is an assurance provided to the purchaser for any repair or replacement of the item within a specified time period.

  • Implied Warranty: This is a written or oral assurance provided to the purchaser by seller that the product is fit for the intended purpose and meets functional expectations.

  • Function: Product performs base purpose such as cooling and heating.

  • All items sold are as is, unless mentioned on the receipt

  • Our Warranty only covers FUNCTION, and NOT satisfaction. This warranty covers parts and labor within 30 days from the date of purchase.

  • Customer must produce the receipt of purchase when claiming warranty. Our receipt or credit-card transaction record is not valid to claim the warranty.

  • Customer is responsible to identify any scratches, dents and damages and missing non-functional related parts on the product before purchase. We do not accept any returns or provide replacement of the sold items.

  • In exceptional cases, customer may return the item. Decision to accept the return is at the discretion of the manager. A 20% restocking fee on the purchase price will be applied, with additional fees for any wear and tear.

  • Delivery fees and installation fees are non-refundable under any case.

  • We do not offer any type of warranty beyond 30 days from the date of purchase, nor do we accept any kind of service requests. At the request of the customer, we will be happy to provide contact information of local technicians. These technicians are in no way associated with the store and the store is not liable for any actions of the technicians. Any grievances must be addressed directly to the technicians.

  • If customer picks-up the product, we do not take liability for any damages incurred to the product, property, or person during transportation or installation. These damages will not be covered by our Implied Warranty. 

  • The following are not covered under our warranty: Miss-use of product, damages or issues resulting from miss-use of product, damages to product caused by customer, damages to product caused by sources outside store control, damage to property, injury to person, loss of food, ice makers, water dispenser, self-cleaning modes, digital displays, filters, and appliance lights.

  • Warranty is deemed null and void in the following scenarios: the product is tampered with; the customer or third party technician performs any repair work, opens the product system, or taps into the refrigerant system; customer electricity passes 121 Volts, has a 114 Voltage drop, neutral and line outlets are reversed, or outlet lacks ground; evidence of pests, which includes but are not limited to: roaches, mice, and ants; customer or customer representative threatens staff or business; customer or customer representative behave in a rude, disrespectful, or aggressive manner towards staff; customer or customer representative fail to follow warranty procedures or refuse service.

  • For any request, a technician visit will be scheduled within 7 days. If the reported issue is not covered by our warranty, the customer is responsible for compensating technicians for their time and expertise. A $50 deposit fee will be charged before sending the technician over and will be refunded if the problem was covered by the warranty.

  • We do not offer layaways. Once purchased, the product must be taken by the customer within 2 business days. After 2 days, we reserve the right to resell the item and issue a refund to the customer.

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